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Plan for Resilience Hubs at Critical Facilities (3.H.1.)

Status Indicators: Complete | In Progress| Not Yet Started

Critical facilities are the structures and services necessary to meet the daily needs of the community (water and wastewater treatment plants, police and emergency services departments, municipal administration, community centers, etc.). The City of Bozeman will develop one or more resiliency hub demonstration project(s) at a critical facility to showcase structural and operational resiliency, renewable energy plus storage, energy and water efficient building design, and best practices in stormwater management. During times of crisis, these facilities can function as hubs for coordinated emergency response and recovery.  

  • Construction for the Fire Station #2 Relocation Project began in 2023. The new facility will enhance community resilience with improved response time for southeast Bozeman. The design incorporates resilient and sustainable design practices, including fuel-switching capabilities.  
  • The Bozeman Public Safety Center was completed in 2022. It was designed and constructed to Essential Services Standards to withstand extreme weather.
    • It provides 72 hours of backup power and is capable of serving as a backup Emergency Operations Center (OPS).
    • The facility is energy storage-ready to take advantage of the 264kW solar PV system. The facility showcases structural and operational resiliency, energy and water-efficient building design, and best practices in stormwater management to encourage water infiltration.
    • The facility will provide advanced Indoor Air Quality management and monitoring for Fire Department staff.       
  • Fire Station 2 is slated to open in August 2024. The final design of Station 2 incorporates solar panels, a solar wall, and limited use of natural gas. The station is also prepped for future transitions to electric fire trucks and vehicles. 
  • Fire Station 4 discussions will start with a possible 2024 ballot questionEarly design work will incorporate sustainable and resilient design.