Vibrant & Resilient Neighborhoods
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Bozeman has a strong commitment to neighborhood and community planning to promote public health and safety, create a functional community that is beautiful and efficient, balance the desires of developers and community members, and support economic development. Integrating climate-related considerations into these planning efforts can help promote more compact design to help reduce transportation-based emissions, plan for environmental resiliency, and promote sustainable building practices.

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Facilitate Compact Development Patterns
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The City will work with local stakeholders to proactively plan existing and future land uses to reduce the distance people need to travel for work and to access shopping and services through compact development. Compact development encourages or supports smaller lot sizes, reduced setbacks, multiple units per property, and multi-story buildings in appropriate locations.

Reduce Vulnerability of Neighborhoods and Infrastructure to Natural Hazards
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Plan and design infrastructure to improve the capacity to adapt to natural hazards including wildfire, flooding, drought, extreme heat, and winter storms. 

Enhance Social Infrastructure and Community Preparedness
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During times of disaster, social infrastructure and community preparedness are key when it comes to rebuilding the community and bouncing back quickly. A strong social infrastructure connects community members to the resources they need to remain resilient in the face of adversity. Enhancing social infrastructure is a priority for developing strong community preparedness to resiliency.