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Incorporate Resilience into Infrastructure Plans (3.H.4)

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The City of Bozeman's 2019 Climate Vulnerability Assessment and Resiliency Strategy identifies the need for resilient infrastructure and capital planning for city operations. The City will reinforce this strategy by embedding resiliency considerations into all future capital improvement planning and design. 

  • The Stormwater Facilities Plan is underway. When finished, it will provide several options or recommendations on policy surrounding stormwater maintenance and infrastructure investment. It will provide better modeling of the stormwater system to make informed decisions on capacity during major storms and the quantity of stormwater and groundwater. 
  • The Stormwater Division maintained nine small City-owned stormwater features to remove pollutants and restore the capacity for flood events. 
  • The City utilizes a water supply optimization and management tool to track available reliable water supply related to new development projects.  Reliable yield estimates include climate modeling adjustments (using Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change vetted General Circulation Models) to account for predicted impacts to the hydrologic yield of the city’s municipal watersheds. 
  • Through plan review, the Public Works Department has supported and enhanced robust multi-modal infrastructure and support enhanced connectivity, which increases mobility options and community resilience.
  • The Public Works Department is improving the resiliency of Bozeman's water supply and water quality with efforts such as the Sourdough Water Intake project, the Groundwater Well Field project, the Bozeman Municipal Watershed Project, and the Hyalite Reservoir Optimization Project. 
  • The City of Bozeman's Stormwater Facility Plan update will continue, providing improved modeling of the stormwater system and highlighting areas to improve stormwater capacity for periods of high run-off. 
  •  The City is advancing several capital projects related to road construction that involve bringing older streets up to modern standards, including larger minimum pipe sizes for stormwater conveyance and water quality features. Construction is anticipated in summer 2024. 
  • The Public Works Department will continue to support and enhance robust multi-modal infrastructure for connectivity and community resilience.