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Develop Sustainable Neighborhoods Outreach (3.G.3)

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While the City can establish regulations and policies, local residents have important roles to play in shaping neighborhood vibrancy and advancing resiliency. The City will partner with developers, neighborhood groups, and community members to empower sustainable practices at the scale of the neighborhood, street, condo complex, or apartment building. 

  • The City Neighborhoods program engaged with the InterNeighborhood Council, Neighborhood Associations, and Homeowner's Associations to increase awareness of ways individuals, neighborhoods, and businesses can advance sustainability including participation in Clean Up Week and Water Conservation programs. 
  • The Sustainability Division developed an outreach campaign on strategies homeowners can take throughout the year to prepare their homes for wildfire smoke and heat events. The outreach focused on installing air source heat pumps, air purifiers, tightening the building envelope, and creating “clean” rooms. 
  • The Water Conservation Division launched a Beautify Your Boulevard contest to encourage residents to remove high-water use turfgrass and install drought-tolerant landscaping, and inspire neighbors to do the same. 
  • The City Neighborhoods program will support efforts in the Water Conservation Division to distribute information on reducing outdoor water use and standards for new development around landscaping and irrigation.