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Provide Outreach on Water Pollution Prevention and Carbon Sequestration Strategies (6.P.4.)

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Beyond the urban tree canopy, Bozeman’s natural land and water resources have a high potential for carbon sequestration and are susceptible to pollution. The City of Bozeman will partner with MSU, scientists, and other partners to explore the impacts of chemical use, identify alternatives to chemicals, and develop carbon sequestration programs. 

  • Public Works Department offers the Adopt-a-Drain Program, which empowers and educates residents to improve water quality by removing debris around stormwater drains to protect our waterways from pollution. 
  • The Stormwater Division outreach efforts included training for construction personnel, middle school class presentations, ongoing efforts with Adopt-a-Drain, signage,  partnering with MSU, and speaking with four new HOAs about maintaining their stormwater ponds or features.
  • The Strategic Services and Public Works Departments support the Cleanup Bozeman, a year-round trash collection program, as well as the Bozeman Clean Up Day, to help engage the community to work together to clean up our streets and public spaces and protect our parks and waterways from pollution. 
  • The Stormwater Division will continue outreach efforts.
  • The Sustainability Division and Solid Waste Division and will support Bozeman Clean Up Day.