Regenerative Greenspace, Food Systems & Natural Environment
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This focus area includes solutions that encompass the natural environment and systems, including land and water resources and food systems. These solutions present opportunities for emissions mitigation through their connections to energy consumption, while also providing benefits in the form of climate resiliency and carbon sequestration.

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Cultivate a Robust Local Food System
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Encourage and facilitate the development of all aspects of a local food system, including but not limited to food production, access, processing, distribution, sales, resiliency, waste, education, and natural resources.

Manage and Conserve Water Resources
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Use a comprehensive approach to manage water resources at the watershed scale. This includes coordinating water resources across various sectors and applications, such as water supply, wastewater, reuse, stormwater, watersheds, wetlands, agriculture, and energy.

Manage Land and Resources to Sequester Carbon
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Encourage and implement practices that support the urban forest, strengthen carbon sinks, and improve carbon sequestration potential. This includes management of land and resources on both public and private properties.