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Maintain and Expand the Urban Forest (6.P.2.)

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The City of Bozeman will continue to maintain and expand the urban forest on city properties and city rights-of-way.

About the Data

The chart shows the percent of various tree species throughout the City of Bozeman's urban forest. Maintaining species diversity can help enhance the resilience of the urban forest to insects, disease, and severe weather. 

  • The Forestry Division has:
    • Increased our Cost Share Tree Planting Program by an additional 50 trees each year (250 total)
    • Continued the popular Free City Mulch Program by utilizing chipped City trees and tree debris. A spring bill stuffer provided residents with information about the benefits of mulching trees and the free mulch program and access sites.
    • Removed 134 ash trees and replanted with a variety of 10 other species. ESRI GIS is used to track tree maintenance and health.
    • Planted 20 new trees along Highland Blvd and Softball Complex park to address Urban Heat Island Effect and reduce stormwater runoff. 
  • Through the Unified Development Code (UDC) re-write the park design standards will be updated to include the planting of more trees and review planting soil volume standards. 
  • The Forestry Division will:
    • Continue planting efforts in addition to the standard Tree Cost Share Program.
    • Maintain the inventory of new tree installations with new developments (identified by location, species, size, and health).
    • Continue the Free City Mulch Program managing ash trees, and planting diverse species selection for a more resilient urban forest.
    • Continue to develop our urban forest initiative, Branch Out Bozeman (BOB), with nonprofit partner Gallatin Watershed Council and other community organizations. BOB will identify critical planting areas and provide education, outreach, and volunteer opportunities for the public.