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Plan and Install Renewable Energy Projects for City Facilities (2.F.1.)

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The City will identify, plan, and invest in municipal renewable energy projects. These may include solar PV, district energy, geothermal, and combined heat and power (CHP). To build resiliency, the City will also plan and invest in cost-effective energy storage projects and microgrids to enhance the reliability of renewable energy systems.


  • Construction of the Bozeman Public Safety Center was completed in 2022. The building includes one of the largest rooftop solar arrays in Montana, with a 264 kW solar PV array. The facility is also energy-storage ready for future emergency backup power.
    • The PV array will save $25,000 per year for a net savings of $449,700 over 25 years.
    • It will also avoid 4,900 metric tons of carbon dioxide over 25 years, equivalent to 27 railcars worth of coal burned. 
  • After completing solar PV site assessments for city facilities in 2021, five solar installations are included in the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) over the next two years

Fire Station 2 is slated to open in August 2024The final design of station 2 incorporates solar panels, a solar wall, and limited use of natural gas. The station is also prepped for future transitions to electric fire trucks and vehicles. 

The Strategic Services Department will:

  • Pursue outside funding opportunities to advance solar PV installations.
  • Continue to include a solar-ready design for all new City of Bozeman facilities.
  • Recommend additional renewable energy projects that advance our clean energy goals, enhance resilience, and save money.