Responsible & Reliable Clean Energy Supply
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Complete a 100% Net Clean Electricity Community Feasibility Study (2.D.1.)

Status Indicators: Complete | In Progress| Not Yet Started

The City of Bozeman established a goal of 100% net clean electricity by 2030. The City will partner with local stakeholders and interested jurisdictions to complete a feasibility study to analyze the economics and environmental benefits of pursuing utility-scale clean energy solutions. This will help inform the most appropriate path forward to meet Bozeman’s clean energy goals.  

The City of Bozeman prioritized a collaborative process with NorthWestern Energy and other Montana communities to develop a Green Power Program (see 2.E.1). Concurrently, the Sustainability Division has continued to investigate all avenues to achieve 100% net clean electricity. 




  • The City of Bozeman will continue to pursue a range of clean energy opportunities to further the community's clean energy goals.