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Advance Distributed Solar Policies (2.F.3.)

Status Indicators: Complete | In Progress| Not Yet Started

The City of Bozeman will continue to advance distributed solar policies by partnering with NorthWestern Energy to expand the Bozeman Solar Project pilot and pursue community solar projects. The City will also partner with organizations to study a variety of public and private opportunity areas for community solar, evaluate rate models, and potential equity solutions to make community solar more accessible to all Bozeman residents.

  • Clean energy is identified as a top City Commission priority and was included as one of four key issues in the adopted Legislative Priorities and Agenda for the 2023 Montana Legislative Session. The City of Bozeman prioritized HB 241, Prohibit Local Government from requiring buildings be constructed with solar panels, HB 524 revising laws related to solar panels, revising net metering laws, and SB 399 revising community solar laws.
  • The City developed model Homeowners’ Association (HOA) covenants that included protections for solar installations on private property. The City Commission adopted Resolution 5555 to adopt the Model HOA Covenants.
  • The City of Bozeman supported the adoption and advancement of C-PACE (see 1.A.6) as a finance policy that supports clean energy, especially rooftop solar, for Montana businesses. Learn more at Montana C-PACE Finance. 



  • The City will remain engaged during the interim Legislative Session to protect and advance clean energy opportunities for residents and businesses in the 2025 Legislative Session.