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Support Outreach and Incentives for Electric Appliances and Equipment (1.C.3.)

Status Indicators: Complete | In Progress| Not Yet Started

The City of Bozeman will develop community outreach programs focused on the benefits and selection of electric appliances and equipment. Additionally, the City will work to offer incentives for heat pump technologies.

The Sustainability Division:

  • Secured funding from the MT DEQ to launch a pilot rebate program that can provide 85 residents with $500 rebates for heat pump water heaters. 
  • Developed an outreach campaign on strategies homeowners can take throughout the year to prepare their homes for wildfire smoke and heat events. The outreach focused on installing air source heat pumps, air purifiers, tightening the building envelope, and creating “clean” rooms.
  • Developed webpages and resources for the community on electrification strategies.
  • Partnered with Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA), NorthWestern Energy, MT DEQ, local distributors, heat pump manufacturers, the Weatherization Training Center, and more to host education events and contractor engagement events related to building energy efficiency, electrification strategies, technology adoption (ex. heat pumps), upcoming financial incentives, and more.  
  • Participated in RMI's “Electrify Cohort” to advance education, outreach, and bulk purchase campaigns for heat pump appliances and equipment. The MSU Extension Weatherization Training Center and HRDC Weatherization served as local partners.
  • The Sustainability Division will continue to build partnerships to help inform and develop an electrification and Net Zero Energy program focused on the energy and resiliency benefits to local residents while pursuing opportunities as they become available through the Inflation Reduction Act.
  • The Sustainability Division will continue to work with the MT State Energy Office to implement Inflation Reduction Act Incentive Programs in the Community.