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Expand Energy Efficiency Information and Resources for Private Property (1.A.3.)

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The City of Bozeman will work with community partners to provide outreach and education about energy appraisals, energy and water efficiency rebates, energy efficiency tips, and strategies to avoid peak energy demand. 

  • The Sustainability Division partnered with the MT DEQ to launch a pilot rebate program that can provide 85 residents with $500 rebates for heat pump water heaters.
  • The Sustainability Division has worked with a variety of partners to host education and contractor engagement events related to building energy efficiency, electrification strategies, technology adoption (ex. heat pumps), upcoming financial incentives, and more. Partners have included: Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA)NorthWestern Energy, MT DEQ, local distributors, heat pump manufacturers, the Weatherization Training Center, and more.
  • The Sustainability Division developed a new section on the City’s website for building energy efficiency and incentive information.  
  • The Sustainability Division has partnered with the Bridger View housing developmentNorthWestern Energy, and NEEA to research and monitor the performance of the Net Zero Energy construction methods used in this 62-unit mixed community housing development. While the research is still in progress, the partnership effort was recognized with NEEA's 2022 Leadership in Energy Efficiency Award for Innovative Collaboration.
  • Multiple city departments (Economic Development, Sustainability, Water Conservation, Solid Waste, Community Development, and City Management) collaborated to develop model Homeowners’ Association (HOA) covenants that encourage water conservation, neighborhood and community connectivity, accessory dwelling units, childcare, drought-tolerant landscaping, composting, local food, recycling, energy efficiency, solar installations, and sustainable building practices. The Sustainability Advisory Board provided input on the covenants. The City Commission adopted Resolution 5555 to adopt the Model HOA Covenants. 
  • The Sustainability Division will partner with community stakeholders to develop energy efficiency engagement tools for consumers and contractors.