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Establish an Energy and Water Benchmarking Standard for Commercial Buildings (1.A.4.)

Status Indicators: Complete | In Progress| Not Yet Started


Building energy benchmarking tracks a building’s energy performance over time. Benchmarking creates the opportunity to compare a building’s energy performance with other similar buildings or simulated models. Establishing a commercial building benchmarking program will help identify opportunities for energy efficiency improvements and quantify energy savings. 


  • The Sustainability Division is in the process of updating its utility tracking software and benchmarking tools for improved analytics and transparency. Developing this internal capacity is a foundational step towards a community-wide commercial building benchmarking program.
  • Adoption of Ordinance 2104, Planned Development Zone (PDZ) is a development pathway that offers custom zoning in exchange for certain public benefits, including energy and water efficiency. Building energy benchmarking is the tool used to demonstrate building energy performance under the PDZ.
  • The City of Bozeman will lead by example by implementing a utility tracking software program with automated updates of building energy benchmarking for city facilities.