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Create a Rental Registry Program to Advance Renter Safety and Energy Efficiency (1.A.7.)

Status Indicators: Complete | In Progress| Not Yet Started

The City will work with partners to develop consumer resources and develop a voluntary pathway to gradually phase in residential renter energy and water efficiency standards.

  • The Sustainability Division reached out to local property management companies with information about the City’s new $500 heat pump water heater rebate.
  • The Sustainability Division has engaged with the MSU-Extension Weatherization Training Center and the Human Resources Development Council (HRDC) as stakeholders in the development of a home electrification program. One of the goals of this program is to make electrification efficiency improvements more attainable for low-income and median-income residents, including renters.
  • The Sustainability Division will continue to track Inflation Reduction Act programs and funding opportunities to develop programs and resources that target rental properties.
  • The Sustainability Division will engage with Montana State Off-campus Living Housing Program and the Human Resources Development Council (HRDC) to:
    • Update and develop engagement tools for low-cost renter energy and water efficiency strategies.
    • Provide outreach to landlords on the benefits of efficient electrification for rental units.
    • Explore the possibility of expanding current programs  to continue to support energy efficiency.