Diverse & Accessible Transportation Options
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Support Regional Transit Service Coordination and Outreach (4.J.6.)

Status Indicators: Complete | In Progress| Not Yet Started

The City of Bozeman will partner with private and public transport operators to expand transit service between major regional cities and visitor destinations.

  •  The City will continue to support HRDC's Streamline program, which provides regional service to Bozeman, Belgrade, and Livingston. 
  • The City helped to fund the GoGallatin platform to promote biking, walking, transit, and carpooling throughout the region.
  • The Transportation Division expanded collaboration and messaging on social media. 
  • The Transportation Division will continue to expand collaboration on messaging and social media, work on the Commuter Spotlight, and fund the GoGallatin platform. 
  • The City will play an active role in supporting the Gallatin Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)
    • The Transportation Division will support MPO staff and the Director of Transportation will act as a voting member of the MPO Technical Advisory Committee. 
    • The City Commission will contribute two voting members to the MPO Policy Committee overseeing the functions of the MPO.  
  • The Department of Transportation and Engineering will develop a bike/ped connectivity plan focused on filling gaps in walking and bicycling infrastructure.