Diverse & Accessible Transportation Options
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Leverage Parking Policies to Encourage Other Modes of Transportation (4.J.7.)

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Parking infrastructure and policy play a significant role in vehicle use, vehicle miles traveled (VMT), and emissions. An abundance of free parking encourages and enables the decision to drive versus walking, biking, carpooling, or using transit. The City of Bozeman will continue to evaluate its’ parking policies and will also coordinate with other transportation studies and plans to ensure that the community’s parking paradigm and policies strengthen and support planned transit, bicycle, and pedestrian infrastructure improvements.

  • The City of Bozeman Parking Services Division continues to pursue new tools for supply and demand management of parking in downtown Bozeman. The main tool is on-street paid parking which can open up parking spaces by incentivizing individuals to choose an alternative mode of transportation. Further, excess revenues from paid parking could fund increased Streamline service including additional bus routes and improved reliability of the system.
  • The City Commission will consider the implementation of an on-street parking management plan for downtown that balances demand for parking with multi-modal strategies supported in other plans. Parking revenue may be used to support transit service and other multi-modal transportation projects.