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Improve Maintenance of Multi-Modal Infrastructure (4.J.3.)

Status Indicators: Complete | In Progress| Not Yet Started

Once multi-modal infrastructure is developed, maintenance is a critical process for ensuring the reliability and safety of that infrastructure. Proper maintenance can also help avoid the need to expand or extend infrastructure. The City of Bozeman will work with partners to identify new funding sources and implementation partners to improve maintenance processes. 

  • Through Parks and Trails District funding, the City of Bozeman Parks and Recreation Department now has responsibility for all trail maintenance and improvements within City of Bozeman Parks.
  • City staff and contractors continue to complete routine and deferred trail and bridge maintenance and improvements within parks. Improvements have been completed at Valley Unit, Westfield, Flanders Creek, and Traditions Parks. 
  • The Public Works Department will
    • Increase funding available for maintenance specifically for multi-modal facilities and purchase an ice breaker device for maintaining facilities.
    • Use GIS trail condition assessment data to prioritize lower-quality trails for maintenance and improvement.
    • Prioritize trails within the Westside Connections Trails Open Space, Parks (TOPS) Bond Project.
    • The Public Works Department will contract to provide a higher level of bike and pedestrian path maintenance.
    • Develop the Community Enhancement Program to improve coordination between the City, Property Owners Associations, and property owners.