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Collaborate to Install Publicly Accessible EV Infrastructure (4.K.2.)

Status Indicators: Complete | In Progress| Not Yet Started

Providing publicly available charging infrastructure at City of Bozeman facilities, workplaces, and key destinations can significantly reduce barriers to Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption. The City will provide publicly available infrastructure and will also develop public-private partnerships to support charging infrastructure installation.  

  • A Level II EV charger was installed in 2023 at the City Shops to support EV fleet vehicles.  
  • As part of the Unified Development Code (UDC) update, a variety of sustainability topics are being considered to advance the Climate Plan, including EV Service Equipment provisions within definitions and recommends references in site plan submittals.
  • The Strategic Services Department refined Electric Vehicle (EV) site assessments for several city facilities, including EV charging infrastructure at the Bridger Parking Garage, and EV charging infrastructure for the new Public Safety Center to serve the City of Bozeman fleet and the public. 
  • The City of Bozeman is using Electric Vehicle (EV) site assessments to plan for EV charging stations within City facilities to serve the City fleet, staff, and the public. 
    The City plans to install EV charging infrastructure in the Bridger Parking Garage and Bozeman Public Safety Center within the next year. 
  • Any future facilities and parking garages will have EV-installed and EV-ready spaces to accommodate electric vehicles. 
  • The Sustainability Division will develop an EV Service Equipment plan submittal checklist for permitting and EV-ready design recommendations for new development.