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Build Awareness of Air Travel Impacts and Alternatives (4.L.1.)

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The City of Bozeman will implement efficiency improvements in all City facilities. To do this the City will conduct energy audits to identify where to prioritize efficiency improvements and replacement of outdated equipment. For new construction and major renovations, the City will adopt ambitious high-performance Net Zero Energy construction standards.

About the Data

This chart uses Energy Use Intensity (EUI) to compare the efficiency of three different representative City facilities. EUI is the energy used per square foot per year (kBtu/SF/year). Energy use is the total natural gas and electricity use in each building, represented as one-thousand British thermal units (kBtu).  Since EUI is normalized for square footage, it provides an opportunity to compare the energy efficiency of buildings within City facilities and against national benchmarks by building type. In this case, monitoring EUI  helped identify an increase in natural gas use after a 2020 building remodel in the Stiff Professional Building, which is currently under investigation.