Comprehensive & Sustainable Waste Reduction
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Expand Composting Services Collection (5.M.2.)

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When disposed of in a landfill, food waste and green waste create methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Expanding composting services and collection will enable the City of Bozeman to reduce the amount of compostable materials sent to the landfill, thereby reducing methane production.

About the Data

This chart shows the tonnage of waste collected by the City that was either composted or recycled rather than going into the landfill. 

  • The City received a $1.6 million grant from the EPA to go toward the purchase of 8,000 new trash carts, 100 bear-resistant carts, and the creation of the Bozeman Sustainable Organics Management Program. 
  • The City worked with a consultant on a Solid Waste Recycling and Compost Feasibility Study, including an evaluation of the program, a rate model update, and the feasibility of a pilot residential composting program.  
  • The Public Works Department continues to provide collection services to support Montana State University's food composting pilot program.
  • The City will conduct a customer survey to inform the implementation plan of the residential composting program pilot. 
  • The City will implement the Bozeman Sustainable Organics Management Program.