Comprehensive & Sustainable Waste Reduction
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Actively Promote Source Reduction, Recycling, and Repair (5.M.1. )

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Provide source reduction, recycling, and repair resources and education to Bozeman citizens and businesses to achieve success in moving toward a Zero Waste Community and circular economy.

About the Data

Along with refuse pick up, the City also offers recycling pick up at an additional charge. This chart shows the percent of customers that participate in recycling and refuse compared to customers that only participate in refuse.

  • The City received a $1.6 million grant from the EPA to go toward the purchase of 8,000 new trash carts, 100 bear-resistant carts, and the creation of the Bozeman Sustainable Organics Management Program. 
  • The Public Works Department:
    • In 2021, Increased the number of curbside recycling customers by 4%.
    • Continued partnering with Gallatin County on the development of a waste transfer station that will enhance recycling services.
  • The Sustainability Division co-sponsored a Fix-it Clinic to reduce landfill waste by giving a second life to useful goods. 


  • The City will conduct a customer survey to inform the implementation plan of the residential composting program pilot. The City will implement the Bozeman Sustainable Organics Management Program and the bundled rate model. 
  • The Sustainability Division will continue to support Fix-it Clinics and coordinate with community groups on plastic waste reduction education and outreach.